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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Thinking of taking one of our students on as an apprentice or trainee?

Apprentices are paid a training wage.  This wage depends on numerous factors including the industry.

Use this Fair work Pay and Conditions tool (PACT) to work out how much per hour your potential apprentice should be paid.

For example a first year plastering apprentice earns about $13.69 an hour or $520 a week (including allowances etc.)

How do you start the process of finding out more information and taking on an apprentice or trainee? 

Visit the government Australian Apprenticeships website.



School Based Apprentices and Trainees

You could also consider taking one of our students on as a School Based Apprentice or Trainee.  School based apprentices or trainees work one day a week earning a training wage and attend a training provider (like TAFE) one day a week and attend school three days a week.  

Students can start a school based apprenticeship in Year 10 and complete the first year of the apprenticeship by the end of year 12 and can fully complete a traineeship in some cases.

Speak to your campus' Careers Advisor for more information.


Employers, Group training organisations and job agencies often ask clients looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship to undertake a job specific aptitude test.  Click on this the following link to be taken to a page where you can practice.  

Practice job aptitude tests.

These aptitude tests contain literacy and numeracy at Year 10 level. 

If you find you are struggling to answer many of the questions and you have completed school - contact TAFE about a literacy, numeracy course to help lift your standard.  If you are still at school - please speak to the Careers Advisor.